Why People are Tempted to Buy Instagram Followers

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Everybody desires a large following on Instagram. As such, people are adopting any option available in an effort to become influencers or appear famous. Today, people have stooped so low to an extent that they even buy followers to make their brands appear popular. It is true that people take note of accounts with a large following and may end up following you. Even so, the most important thing in the modern day is the level of engagement on your account.

Even with a million followers, and little to no engagement in your account, it’s easy for other users to connect the dots. Nonetheless, it’s hard to deny that the idea of buying followers is tempting. But the question that lingers in most minds is why do so many people fall for this temptation? This article highlights some of the top reasons people buy followers.


As indicated on The Small Business Blog, buying followers comes with its share of upsides and downsides. One of the major upsides of buying Instagram followers is that they come very cheap. With as little as ten dollars, you can get a substantial number of followers on your account instantly. The more followers you want the more you pay, but you can hardly spend a fortune to reach optimal levels.

To get noticed

With more than a billion active users, Instagram is the perfect hub to promote your brand. So, like with most other social media platforms, the higher the number of followers you have, the more visibility your brand is likely to generate. Thus, some users buy followers to improve their visibility, especially in the wake of stiff competition from superior brands with a much higher marketing budget.


Buying Instagram followers is as easy as 123. This makes it an attractive solution for most people, especially beginners who are keen to grow their account as fast as they possibly can. Additionally, such followers are readily online.  Just by typing a simple line such as ‘buy Instagram followers’ on google, you will be surprised by the number of websites that will pop up. In fact, the competition between the ever-growing lists of sites selling followers has led to the low prices witnessed.

Lack of Knowledge

There is no doubt that Instagram provides an excellent opportunity for brands to reach millions of users across the globe. Sadly, not all users have the ability to craft a strategic plan for their marketing strategy. As such, they plunge into any shortcuts they deem helpful to their campaigns. It is also true that some people do not know the risks associated with buying followers. Whereas others are ignorant, some of them have no idea that such an act can bring dire consequences to their brand.