Setting Up a Separate Bathroom for Your Kids: Is It Necessary?

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When you buy a house, it usually comes with a bathroom that is suited for adults.  Have you ever thought of how exciting it would be to design a bathroom specifically for your child, or adding some elements in your adult bathroom specifically for your kids? Giving your kids their place makes it fun for them. Here are ways to achieve this.

Getting the Space

When it comes to your home, space matters a lot. Even large homes usually have space limitations. One of the ways to get space for a bathroom for the little ones is to annex an adjoining bedroom or closet. By allotting an exclusive area for your children, you get to alleviate some of the traffic issues that arise when everyone wishes to get ready at the same time.

To avoid extra expenses, you can try and break down part of the wall that attaches to the plumbing part of the bathroom. Doing this eliminates the need to worry about installing new plumbing because it is easy to install new fixtures where there are existing pipes. Once you have the necessary space, it is time to organize the bathroom.

Organizing the Bathroom

You might not have the opportunity and the space to install a new bathtub or shower, but you can have a new sink and some cabinets to hold bath accessories and toys. You can check out some of the accessories for the little ones at Home Spa Select. To give the feeling of a different section, you can install sliding doors that give the kids the feeling that they have a unique place.

Choose the Perfect Theme

Once you have an extra bathroom just for the kids, you have a world of designing ideas to choose from. The design should be a joint decision between you and the kids. Go with a theme that will appeal to the kid and inspire them.

Selecting the color comes first. Don’t go for pastel pinks and light blues if the bathroom is unisex. Try to avoid the decorative tiling because as the kids grow up, their tastes will change. Additionally, make practical decisions knowing that one day you might want to sell the house to a family that might not have kids.


You can reduce congestion during bathing time by coming up with a separate one for your kids. Make sure you install kid-friendly fixtures and items to make sure the kids enjoy the experience.