What Causes Broken Pipes in Your Home?

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Broken pipes represent an unpleasant situation for every home owner, leading to leaks and an increase in the monthly water bills. One of the first signs that your pipes are broken or failing is a reduction in water pressure.  When you notice this, you need to ask yourself where the water that is seeping out the broken pipe is ending at – the base of your home. Leaky pipes can lead to excess moisture in your home, promoting the growth of mold and mildew, which in turn causes a hazardous environment in your home. So, what causes broken pipes?



This is a natural phenomenon that leads to frozen pipes. Water that is exposed to cold air freezes, changing from liquid to ice. The ice expands and puts pressure on the walls of the pipe. As the pressure increases, it leads to broken pipes.

Construction Projects

The second common reason for broken pipes is as a result of construction near your home. Construction disrupts the pipe layout and might lead to failure of the pipes.it might also clog the toilet, with soil ending up in the pipes. The soil clogs the pipes as well, leading to blockages. Pressure builds up at the point just before the blockage, which in turn leads to bursting of the pipes.


As your pipes act as conduits for water from one point to the other, they start wearing out. With time, the pipes can’t handle pressure the same way they did when the plumber installed them. Another problem that leads to aging of the pipes is the acidity of the water. This acidity leads to a chemical reaction that erodes the walls of the pipes. Steel pipes are susceptible to the action of alkaline water.

Irregular Maintenance

Pipes are just like any other project around your home – they need regular maintenance to retain their integrity.  Lack of regular maintenance causes issues to the plumbing system and might be the reason why your house gets flooded time and again. Make sure you have a professional plumber from http://www.johnleadley.co.uk/ to check on the pipes every few months so that they maintain their integrity.

Final Thoughts

Various reasons cause broken pipes in your home. Freeze, disruption from construction and lack of proper maintenance represent some of the common causes of broken pipes. A broken pipe is the reason you get mildew and mold in your home. It is also the reason the water pressure your home is low. Call in a professional today to replace these pipes.