Stethoscope for the pregnant woman

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During pregnancy, the future mother strongly communicates with the kid. She feels everything – rhythm of the child’s heart, its movements and actions. And she tries to share such feelings with future father. However, it is much more difficult for father to understand what she feels. Such useful invention as a stethoscope for pregnant women comes to the rescue.

This device in the form of a tube was called so not accidentally. This device was initially created for listening of heart. A bit later, the stethoscope began to be applied to other parts of the body. Then, a regular stethoscope progress presented to medicine a phonendoscope. The device is already more habitual for us, which each therapist has (find more at Stethoscope Lab). It may seem that your obstetrician-gynecologist in the case of each survey applies the same phonendoscope, as the therapist. However, they are only externally similar and their internal membranes differ from each other. However, even a regular inexperienced person is able to use such specially adapted device, to hear the heartbeat of the kid in a womb of the mother and to distinguish it from a warm rhythm of the pregnant woman. The science does not stop progress. The electronic stethoscope is already applied today to pregnant women and it is called a fetal doppler.

The electronic stethoscope allows future parents to listen to the heart of their kid heartbeats, hiccups, and spins from the fifth month of pregnancy. Some of the people even are able to distinguish a sound of the nutrients arriving at it through a placenta. The stethoscope for pregnant women is also good. It allows recording all these wonderful sounds. You can even send this fine audio message to the relatives or friends by e-mail. The good idea will be to write down heartbeat of the mother. This sound will be the most comforting for the child as the whole nine months the kid fell asleep under it. The heartbeat of your kid can tell much about the doctor observing you, on this indicator the doctor can diagnose activity and development of the future child.

The stethoscope for pregnant women is safe both for the future mother and for her child. It works at batteries and does not use any types of radiations. The doppler will transform all low sounds, which are made by the child in mother’s tummy (if to speak a language of science – mechanical sound vibrations) into electric signals that after passing of system of strengthening become acoustic again. Thanks to such system, extraneous noises and sounds are eliminated. Such stethoscope for pregnant women allows hearing as at the baby heart beats and as it moves in a uterus of the expectant mother.